Work with Me

Do you need words? I write all kinds of words and sentences and I do it quickly and cleanly. If you already have the words, I can help you make them shine.

Do you need someone to manage an editorial project? Create a magazine or newsletter? I can tap my network of other freelance writers, photographers, and graphic designers to produce whatever boutique publication you have in mind, whether it’s a family cookbook or corporate newsletter. 

Do you want to learn to cook more plant-based recipes? Or better yet, do you want to know how to cook healthy food without recipes? I do hands-on private and semi-private cooking classes.

Do you need recipes? I have developed recipes for several cookbooks and many magazines. I also create recipes for companies, including Kroger and Lidl supermarkets. 

Do you need a writing coach? With 12 years experience in publishing, both as a writer and editor, I can help you learn how to navigate the business whether you are looking for someone to help you craft a query letter, refine your ideas, polish your blog content, or hone a book proposal.

Do you want to pick my brain? I offer editorial and culinary consulting on an hourly basis. 

Contact me to learn more about how we can start working together.